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The outdoor adventure is awaiting your arrival, from hiking to indoor rock climbing; each adventure will create an experience you will never forget. Each paid adventure includes lodging, food, adventure(s). Your only responsibility is transportation to get there. Keep checking the website for new adventure dates that will be posted regularly.

**IMPORTANT- If the adventure does not meet a minimum requirement of participants, the trip will have to be cancelled. If this does occur, I will give you a choice of transferring to another adventure, or you will receive a refund.

Kind Words


“I have gone on several trips with Jess. She’s one of the most intentional people I know. It’s so evident that she loves the Father and He has given her a gift and love to see other women reawakened and at the same time share her love for adventure. What better way to be close to the Lord than in the beauty of His creation!

I was able to go on her very first trip as Stirring Embers Adventures and it was AMAZING! There are really no words except it was beautiful. Every aspect of the trip! It was full of meaningful and intentional conversation, prayer, laughter, tears, watching the Father bring together women in different seasons of life, vulnerability, PLUS beautiful scenery! Thank you Jess for a trip full of wonderful! “

Jamie Warren, Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas


“I tend to have an ‘I can't’ attitude: I can't meet new people, can't take risks, can't do hard things. But during this Stirring Embers Adventure weekend, the Father showed me that with Him, I can! Jess provided a safe space to take risks: to be vulnerable, make true connections, enjoy nature, spend time in the Word, and face fears (as I stood on tiny platforms high in the air held up only by some cables!) Just sign up for an adventure. You will not regret it!” 



“My first, but not last, Stirring Embers Adventure was more than I anticipated. Of the eight ladies, I knew two. As God willed, we all instantly bonded together. Three generations. We were there for the same purpose: to grow deeper in our personal walk with the Father, to draw together as sisters in Christ, and to have some fun adventures of hiking and kakaying.

 The food was delicious, the weather was perfect, the location was perfect, and our fearless, godly leader, Jess, was a God-send. Her love for the Father pours out of her. Our “adventure tribe” has already planned another gathering this month. Fortunately we are relatively close together and can do this. We are sharing prayer requests and supporting each other. What a blessing!!!!”

Karen, Tishomingo State Park, MS


Wow! My adrenaline is still high from this weekend’s Stirring Embers Adventure. Like God, Jessica met me where I was. Because I’m a little older & limited physically (at this time), she pushed me to, but not beyond, my abilities. It was refreshing to be out on the trail with other women enjoying God’s creation. And then returning to the cabin to soak in spiritual encouragement as well.

Thank you, Jess, for providing this opportunity both physically and spiritually. Old friendships grew dearer, and new friendships developed quickly through open and honest conversations about the lies Satan tells us, and the truths that God speaks. 
I highly recommend signing up for an adventure to any woman in need of refreshing or desiring to grow closer to God.”

 Kay, Toshimingo State Park, MS


One of the things I loved about my Stirring Embers Adventure trip was how Jess created an environment of self-reflection, honesty, and acceptance amongst the group.

Our talks in the evenings were so special and encouraging. There was a chance to share and hear other women’s testimonies and be challenged by one another to keep moving forward in our faith.

The outdoor adventures of hiking and kayaking were highlights of the trip as well. The food was yummy, too! I left the weekend feeling more connected to God, others, and myself. I will definitely take another trip with Stirring Embers Adventures!”

Tova, Toshomingo


“It was nice to get to hike mountains and swim in waterfalls but most of all it was a refresh for my soul from the world. Stirring embers adventures was the refresh that I needed. I got so much out of the experience. I asked for an open heart and I got just that. I've been so closed off from everything lately. Afraid of getting hurt.

But God won't hurt me. He is my friend, my healer, my savior, my fire that burns inside of me and so much more. In this adventure I was able to come out of my comfort zone so I could continue to growing journey with my relationship with God.”

Waterfall Adventure, Alabama


I can't say enough about "Stirring Embers Adventures" I went on my second trip last weekend and I was truly amazed at how God brought just the right group of ladies together, once again! Having a safe place to share my heart is so meaningful to me!

Being outdoors brought me such joy! I was challenged and encouraged to seek connection with the Lord and with others! I will be going on another adventure! Thank you Jess for being obedient to God's calling, to bring women together to love and praise HIM”

Lisa, Georgia Adventure


   When it comes to meeting up with a group of people, I'm usually the first person to say "No thanks!" Meeting a group of strangers, staying overnight with them, and rock climb? Hard pass. However, God laughed at my no and said yes, and that's how I ended up on my first adventure with Kindled Embers Adventures! 
   This experience was a wonderful one. First off, the strangers turned out to be some of the most beautiful-hearted women. Secondly, the rocking climbing and hiking was very fun and educational.
   Thirdly, but most importantly, Jess set up a space where we could all spend time with God. A space where there was no judgment and God's love shown brightly and warmly.  
    Thank you so much, Jess, for following God's path and setting up adventures for women to get together and have fun but most importantly get to know God more intimately!


   I truly enjoyed my spa weekend with @kindledembers16. Jess created an environment to relax and step away from the rush of everyday life.

   It is a weekend dedicated to spending quality time with other women searching for a closer relationship with God. This was my third adventure and have loved every one.

     The women I’ve met during the adventures have made a lasting impact on my life. I would encourage anyone considering an adventure to sign up.

Anna Claire

   My first adventure with Kindled Adventures was amazing. I definitely took a step outside my comfort zone not knowing anyone prior to going on the trip. Looking back, I’m so glad I decided to take the step of faith because

   God blessed me abundantly. Getting to relax, fellowship, and dive into the Word with kingdom-seeking women refreshed and encouraged my soul.

   I pray I’m able to embark on another adventure soon to connect with old and new sisters in Christ!


   Wow, wow, wow! Truly there are not enough words to describe this incredible weekend! 
  Growing up, I was not one for girl scouts and sitting in a circle singing Kumbaya. I met Jess for coffee prior to signing up for the rock climbing trip and was rather blunt about my reservations. However, she assured me that my preconceived notions would quickly be thrown out the window… and she was right.
   Jess has such a gift for “setting the table” and simply creating an environment for God to show up. What makes Kindled Embers Adventures so special is that it follows the model Paul lays out in Colossians 1. Simply Jesus, no more, no less! 
   I have never encountered the Father like I did this past weekend. Thank you to Jess and to my fellow adventurers for helping open my eyes and heart to His love for me. 
   Oh and rock climbing was pretty fun too!


   The Kindled Embers Adventure trip was absolutely amazing! Definitely a weekend I’ll always remember. It was so much fun and extremely impactful in every way!
  There was adventure, laughter, rest, solitude, relaxation, all while experiencing a deep presence of God. There was a strong connection that grew between the women on the trip and those relationships are real and here to last. Thankful for each and every one of the women who came.
   Jessica, the leader and founder of Kindled Embers Adventure, did a fabulous job. She was incredibly hospitable and thought of every detail to make the entire trip very memorable. Her heart for the Lord and for others shines so bright!
   I look forward to many more trips with Kindled Embers Adventure in the future! 


  Hi, I’m all the things… particular, servant minded aka busy, not in the best shape, enneagram 8 and much more. I’ve been healing alone or serving many which is all good.
   However, it was clear I deeply needed quality time away with my dearest Love.
  What an experience Kindled Embers provided. Dismal Canyon and Cane Creek Canyon Preserve were the perfect push out the bed and into nature. Journeying and journaling were paired perfectly to help exercise the spirit and body on each day. This peaceful pairing made resting really sweet. I experienced deep and refreshing connections to the land and ladies who also said yes to this journey.
   If you need to reconnect with the greatest loves of life community and Christ I’d strongly recommend taking a journey with Kindled Embers. Who knows you just might return home a blazed.

The Father has given me a love for outdoor adventure, and eyes to see how big He really is through His creation. It is my passion to share this experience with others, as well as, create a safe place for women to accept each other and all their imperfections, have a teachable spirit to grow in areas of past brokenness, and be empowered to step back into their world with the hope and truth of how the Father really sees His Beloved.

Kindled Embers Adventure’s intention is for women to experience adventure through hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and more. In addition, we want you to be kindled with intentional conversation through His Word and life experience. Do you live in the southeast and want get together with other Christian women to grow your faith? We have explored Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee and even Oregon. Why not join us for an adventure!

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